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A single building up to 11000 sq mtrs (Excluding Ceiling space) Up to 22000 sq mtrs where areas no more than 5500 sq mtrs can be isolated

2 or more buildings on one site that are:
  • Less than 5500 sq mtrs in total
  • Not more than 100 mtrs apart
  • No more than 2 storeys high
  • Have a common Fire Service attendance point.
All parts of a floor must be designated as part of a discrete zone except:
  • When 2 floors are one zone and only accessed by the floor below.
  • More than 1 floor can be a zone as long as escape routes are not shared.
Where required detectors shall be designated a zone except where removable tiles are fitted where the zone may be same as the floor below. (Area not used in calculation of total zone area).
Zone Area
Maximum 750 sq mtrs except:
  • Manual call points only may be up to 900 sq mtrs
  • LCD Display shows detector or call point (Analogue) allows zone be up to 2000 sq mtrs.
  • Sprinklers are used as heat detectors allow up to 2000 sq mtrs.

Residential Firecell containing sleeping accommodation must have own zone.

Separate buildings shall have separate zones even if linked by walkways.

Where sprinklers are used as heat detection, the flow switch must be connected to a zone.

In buildings of more than 1 floor, each zone should be of a similar size.

Zones need to be readily and accurately located.
Must be indexed on the outside face of the unit
The diagram must be the same orientation as the viewed position.
Outlines must be solid lines
Stairways must be indicated (Internal and External)
Fire Service access indicated by triangles orientated to indicate direction.
The location "YOU ARE HERE"

Diagrams may not be required;
  • In a single building with only 1 zone
  • Multi-storey building where each floor is only 1 zone
  • Where ingress is clearly apparent.

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