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Fire System Inspections

Fire System Inspections

To whomever it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Mr Paul Van Weerden

Both our company and myself personally have been involved with Homesafe and Mr Van Weerden for a number of years in the fire protection industry. I deal with some national clients who currently use the services of Homesafe on the large majority of their sites. This choice has been a result of their previous and ongoing commitment to their rigorous quality processes that have seen them highly regarded as a fire safety systems provider.

I have worked on many difficult projects with Paul and his team and have, without fail, found them to be honest, straightforward and reliable in reaching successful outcomes. Their documentation processes have been used nationally as a model of what is required in the areas in which they work and have eliminated previous mistakes made by others.

I have no hesitation in supporting Paul in his application to become a certified sprinkler installer and look forward to working with a company of that calibre.

Please contact the writer if you wish to discuss anything further.

Kind regards
John Davidson
Fire Engineer
Macdonald Barnett Partners Ltd
Neville Norwell

Neville Norwell
Hula Haka Productions
During the production of the television series Mitre 10 Marae DIY at Waipatu marae near Hastings this year, I had the pleasure of working alongside Paul Van Weerden and his team from Homesafe Sprinkler Systems.

The premise of the show is that it gives communities around the country the opportunity to knock out the ten-year plan for their marae in just four days. Through the generosity of local and national businesses, we've now renovated and landscaped a total of 25 marae.

In the three years that we've been producing the show, I would have to say that Homesafe Sprinkler Systems would have to be one of the stand-out sponsors.

The initial contact was made from a 'cold-call' exercise. And while we were extremely grateful for the donation of the sprinkler system, it was more the experience of being partnered to achieve the transformation for the marae as well as the level of integrity of the company that I found so extraordinary.

I was impressed by the commitment Paul and his team had to ensure the job was done properly - accommodating a team of three in Hastings during the DIY as well as the reliability they exercised in managing all the work required before installation took place.

The company representatives that we dealt with during pre-production and on the shoot had excellent communication skills, ensured that everyone involved understood the technicalities of the system and were just neat to work alongside.

I know too that the cultural sensitivity the team displayed while working on the ancestral house at the marae for several days really made a difference for the tribe.

In closing, I'd like to take this opportunity to formerly acknowledge Homesafe Sprinkler Systems for their outstanding level of service on the Mitre 10 Marae DIY project and wish Paul Van Weerden and his team all the best in their future endeavours.

Kia ora

Nevak Ilolahia
Managing Director

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