Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System

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A EWIS (Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System) is an enhanced system for fire alarm alerting and evacuation control in larger or more complex buildings. Instead of the whole building receiving the (evacuation) alerting signal simultaneously, the premises are instead subdivided into multiple evacuation zones. In response to signals from the fire alarm system, the EWIS system controls a zone-by-zone staged/phased evacuation according to a pre-programmed scheme.

As with "all out" evacuation, the EWIS system generates the standard "rising whoop" evacuation signal and plays a voice message with evacuation instructions. With an EWIS these messages can be customized for various types of installations, and multi-lingual capabilities are usually available. In addition an earlier "Alert" tone, with separate verbal message, can be played to zones that have not (yet) reached the evacuation stage.

A EWIS system is also designed to enable either the fire service or a designated building warden to take manual control of the evacuation, including directing Public Address (PA) messages to all or selected evacuation zones.

External sounders and strobes are used over the location of the indicating unit if it is not readily visible to the Fire Attendance point.

Staged Alarm Signals
  • Evacuate in Firecell of origin
  • Alert in remaining Firecells

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