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Homesafe |  About Us

The Company Directors are passionate about the Fire Protection Industry and specialize in creating solutions for most existing homes. All installations are undertaken by our trained staff who undergo regular courses to maintain there industry knowledge.

ISO 9001 Acredited by TELARC

The Directors
Paul Van Weerden has thirty years experience in the sprinkler installations field, is Branz certified and trained in the design and certification of Domestic Sprinkler Systems, a qualified plumber gasfitter and has a level 4 NZQA qualification in Fixed Fire Protection Sprinkler Fitting (Industrial/Commercial).

Pat Pearl also has over 30 years specializing in Fire Alarms and Sprinklers. Originally from the UK where he had 25 years as the chairman of their largest fire trade association , and 10 years as a member of British Standards committees. Pat has a degree in Fire Science and was honoured with membership of the Institute of Fire Protection Officers. Pat now develops software for the fire industry, designs systems and trains installers.

Phillip Van Weerden runs our crew of fitters and has 11 years experience. His innovative skills solve many problems on sites where other installers have failed to find acceptable solutions.

So why choose Homesafe Ltd
The years of expertise are not available from any other New Zealand company.
All work is carried out to N.Z. Standards or your own Bespoke designs.
No project is too big or too small.
We do not employ subcontractors.

We hope you buy our product and never use it.

Homesafe |  About Us